Definite Video Productions

Definite Video Productions is a Bay Area video production company that recently moved to Lake County specializing in affordable, multi-format, HD music videos, live events, festivals and commercials. 

We also offer full services including product and service commercials, photo restorations, and creative consultations to give you more control and bang for your buck.

We will script, shoot, and edit your videos utilizing programs such as: Final Cut Pro, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Logic, Photoshop, Color, Compressor, Premier Pro, and After Effects.

See your ideas come to life on Youtube, your personal website, smart phones, DVD’s or on any other social media. Create, advertise and promote all within your budget. 

Let’s make it happen!

Dan Fitzsimmons
CEO Definite Video Productions

Music Videos - Remember the days when music artists had to climb the charts and get the favor of record companies just for an MTV? Remember the times when musicians have to hustle in the streets passing demo tapes and CD’s? Well those days are gone. In the advent of online high-definition streaming videos, an artist can find an audience twenty-four seven across the World Wide Web. The world awaits. Will you?

Time Lapse Photography - Got a project that you would like to speed up so you can show off your expertise? Construction, party decoration transformations, event set-up, or anything that just takes a long time? Time Lapse photography can speed this all up so your clients can see all you do in fraction of the time.

Live Event Videography – Got a concert, sporting event, or whatever special occasion you want filmed and edited? We’ll handle it for you. Digitally immortalize such moments the way you want to and with your own soundtrack.

Drone / Quadcopter Aerial video and photos -  Your eye in the sky.  Real-estate, events, surveying, agriculture, search and rescue, Etc.


EDITING AND AUTHORING – Got a bunch of raw footage piled up waiting to be edited? Well that’s home sweet home for us. Let us take your footage to the next level, utilizing state of the art, non-linear assembly and editing the way you want it. We’ll put in the menus, the chapters, the labels, covers, and the “special features.” Print, burn, duplicate and distribute.

WEDDINGS - Remember that special day for a lifetime or send it to distant family members who could not be there and see it all in HD video. Multi-camera shoots are definitely recommended so that we can catch every moment of your special day and we strive to mold it all within your budget.

What do we offer? 

  • Professional HD Cameras 
  • Time lapse Photography
  • Drone Videography and Photography (Fully Licensed and Insured)
  • State of the art, non-linear video editing
  • Multi-Camera (Up to 8 cameras) HD Live switching 
  • Video Compression and Encoding for web playback
  • Original or royalty-free soundtracks for marketing
  • Professional  audio editing and sound sweetening 
  • Graphics and special effects
  • Affordability
  • Creative control
  • Professional reliability
  • How much does it cost?

There are many variables that contribute to the final cost of each video. Talk to us and we’ll give you a quote. Click                            to contact us.